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The No. 1 reason to install a fence is to increase the first line of security to your property.

Installing a fence not only clarifies boundaries between neighbors but it is the first line of security to your property and family. A good quality fence can increase your security tremendously!

Increase Your Property’s Value By Installing A Fence

As previously stated, making an investment by installing a fence can potentially yield you a high return whenever you decide to sell your home. Home buyers will appreciate a property that already has a durable safety and privacy fence installed. However, you will need to be aware that the type of fence you choose will be instrumental in determining not only the resell value of the home, but also the number of home buyers that are interested in it.

How does it work?

1. Send through you project requirements.

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What does this process cost?

– All our contractors provide quotations free of charge.

What if I need an additional quotation after I received the first 3quotations?

– We can then ask another contractor in your area to provide a quotation.

What service do you provide?

– We provide a professional introduction service between clients and contractors.


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GET 3 QUOTATIONS TODAY FROM PRE-QUALIFIED CONTRACTORS.FENCING CAPE TOWN Securing your property with a quality fence or perimeter wall is essential to safety at home or a commercial property. Fencing Quotations provide a professional introduction service between...

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